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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Service Design Package

The Design Stage takes a set of new or changed business requirements and develops a solution to meet them. The developed solution is passed to Service Transition to be built, tested and deployed into the live environment.

However, it is not enough simply to pass the technical or architectural design to Service Transition. The Service Transition teams will need more than this to deliver a fully functioning service that provides the Utility and Warranty expected. They need a blueprint that covers all aspects of the new service. This blueprint is known as the Service Design Package.
Service Design Package - (Service Design) Document(s) defining all aspects of an IT Service and their Requirements through each stage of its Lifecycle. A Service Design Package is produced for each new IT Service, major Change or IT Service Retirement.

The key contents of the Service Design Package include:
• The Service definition, agreed business requirements and how and where the Service will be used
• The Service Design including the architectural design, functional requirements, SLRs/ SLAs (if available), service and operational management requirements including metrics and key performance indicators, supporting services and agreements
• A service model showing the overall structure and dynamics of the Service, showing how customer and service assets, Service Management Functions and Processes come together to deliver value
• An assessment of organizational readiness and its implications
• A plan covering all stages of the Service Lifecycle
• Plans for Service Transition (covering build and assembly, test, release and deployment) and for operational service acceptance
• Acceptance criteria and the strategy and plan for User Acceptance Testing

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