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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Availability Management Techniques

Availability Management has two distinct Techniques:
a. Proactive Availability Management
b. Reactive Availability Management

Proactive Availability Management:

There are a number of techniques used by Availability Management that look to prevent service outages by identifying and eliminating the sources of service failures. One of these is the Availability Plan, wherein Availability Management identifies and costs the requirements for new and upgraded resources necessary to deliver the required levels of availability. The Availability Plan will also include an assessment of the risks of service interruption and failure and appropriate actions necessary to mitigate those risks.

Risk analysis and management are important across IT Service Management, especially in Processes and activities that concern service availability. These include Availability Management, Security Management and IT Services Continuity Management, which is covered in the next chapter where a fuller discussion of risk analysis and management is included.
Another technique is to assess the impact of Requests For Change (RFCs) to understand their potential to interrupt services and find ways to prevent this occurring.

Other proactive techniques include advising on cost-effective new technology to improve availability and providing advice and guidance to other areas of IT and the business on all availability-related aspects

Reactive Availability Management:

On a reactive basis, Availability Management helps Incident and Problem Management to diagnose and resolve availability-related Incidents and Problems. Of course, the understanding gained from the resolution of such problems can often contribute to proactive initiatives to prevent similar occurrences in the future.
Availability Management also monitors, measures, reports and reviews service and component availability to ensure that service levels continue to be met and respond to any outages or potential service level breaches. In this respect, there is a link to the Event Management process.

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