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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Introduction to Event Management

Event Management monitors all events throughout the organization’s IT infrastructure and applications to ensure normal operation. Event Management handles normal messages as well as being there to detect, escalate and react to exceptions.

The Event Management process is responsible for managing Events throughout their lifecycle.

Before we go any further, lets look at the official definitions of an Event & Event Management:
An Event can be defined as any detectable or discernable occurrence that has significance for the management of the IT infrastructure or the delivery of IT service and evaluation of the impact a deviation may cause to the services. Events are typically notifications created by an IT service, Configuration Item or monitoring tool.

Event Management
Event Management is the Process responsible for managing Events throughout their lifecycle. Event Management is one of the main Activities of IT Operations

Events can be split into three types:
Informational - Such as notification of a scheduled job finishing or a user accessing an application.
Warning - Including indications that utilization of a particular CI has reached a certain percentage of capacity. Ex: Alerts. An Alert is defined as a warning that a threshold has been reached, something has changed or a failure has occurred
Exception - Such as unauthorized software detected or a capacity threshold has been breached.

Event Management can be used by any part of Service Management where there is a requirement to monitor and control an activity, as long as the monitoring and control can be automated. Event Management requires the ability to raise automated alerts. If alerts cannot be raised, then only monitoring is taking place. Event Management is much more proactive than monitoring.

Purpose of Event Management:

Event Management is the Service Operation process responsible for ensuring that the infrastructure, applications and security that underpin IT Services are proactively monitored with alerts being put in place and acted on.

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