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Friday, March 16, 2012

Introduction to Request Fulfillment

Request Fulfillment is the Process that carries out Service Requests from users. It covers Standard Change requests, requests for information and complaints. From a Service Desk point of view, the process of Request Fulfillment tends to cover all the calls that are not Incidents. Password resets and queries about obtaining additional software are some of the higher volume requests.

Requests are usually high in volume, but low risk and low cost. A separate distinct process is in place to avoid confusion with the Incident handling that the Service Desk is also undertaking.

Before we go any further with Request fulfillment process, we need to understand two key definitions.

Service Request:

A Service Request is a request from a user for information, for advice, for a Standard Change or for access to an IT Service.

Standard Change:

A Standard Change is a pre-approved Change that is low risk, relatively common and follows a Procedure or Work Instruction.

Objective of Request fulfillment:

The objective of the process is to action the Service Requests effectively and efficiently. Request Fulfillment allows Users to obtain information and complete Standard Changes as quickly as possible.

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