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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Relationship with Other Service Management Processes

The Availability Management process interacts with the following processes in the Service Management Lifecycle.

Service Asset and Configuration Management

Availability Management is heavily reliant on Service Asset and Configuration Management to identify the components used in delivering a service, their relationship with one another and their technical specifications.

IT Service Continuity Management

Availability Management is closely related to IT Service Continuity Management because invoking a continuity plan is simply another form of maintaining the availability of services in extreme situations. Both processes need to identify vital business functions and use risk management techniques to define appropriate responses.

Capacity Management

Availability Management is supported by Capacity Management because a shortage of capacity in a resource or service can impact availability.

Access Management and Information Security Management

Access Management and Information Security Management are both concerned with preventing unauthorized access and permitting authorized access.

Availability of a service depends on the ability of the user to access the service and negotiate the security controls according to their authority.

Change Management and Release and Deployment Management

Change Management as well as Release and Deployment Management must ensure that Availability Management is aware of planned changes and their potential to impact on the availability of services.

Service Level Management

Availability Management supports Service Level Management by managing the IT resources to meet cost-effectively agreed service levels and by contributing to the design of new and changed services to ensure the appropriate levels of availability are built-in.

Event, Incident and Problem Management

Reactively, Availability Management takes feeds from Event Management to warn of actual and impending failures and supports Incident and Problem Management in the diagnosis and resolution of availability-related Incidents and Problems.

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